Expo 2015

Pomorete is the representative
the Italian tomato business network
on the world stage.

Companies who are members of CONFAPI (Italian small and medium-sized business network) Piacenza can sign up to the network contract. Those intending to sign up to this contract must be up to date with their CONFAPI Piacenza membership fees, and pursuant to article 1332 of the Italian civil code must provide the management committee with a declaration signed by the owner or legal representative, containing:

a) The company's name and registered office

b) The company purpose

c) The activities performed by the company and the location these are performed

d) Certification that the company has not been declared bankrupt and is not subject to other insolvency proceedings, and that the owner has not been barred from running a business or from negotiating contracts with the public administration

e) A declaration that the conditions of this contract have been read and unconditionally accepted

Companies must also supply the following:


f) Copy of the decision by the competent body to adhere to the business network contract, and the name of the shareholder, partner or other person assigned and authorised to represent the company to all intents and purposes within the business network

g) Copy of the company statute and certificate of registration in the competent Register of Companies

The management committee shall make a majority decision on the application in their first meeting following its reception. If the application is accepted, the requesting company shall make a contribution to the fund in the established amount.