The business network programme consists of:
• Taking advantage of all proposals, both at home and abroad, involving multiple enterprises belonging to the network to create a common project which makes the most of the specific expertise of each of the enterprises belonging to the network and involved in the individual initiative
• The management committee, both directly and through its proxies, shall submit to the adherents a proposal defined also in terms of organisational aspects, for them to highlight their individual manner of involvement on the basis of their own characteristics by formulating their involvement within pre-established terms with an indication of their contribution
• The management committee shall then present the offers of the co-ordinated companies in the business network, and if the contract should be awarded to them it shall then co-ordinate the work of the individual participating companies pursuant to the regulations drawn up by the same for each individual work.

To set up complex group enterprise initiatives, in this case promoting the “Italian tomato supply chain, always open to new entrants showing their willingness via the network contract”; to participate in Expo 2015, to improve both in the purchasing phase of various products and in the sales phase for finished products, to promote research and development in the production, processing and marketing of tomatoes, including complementary services for the production, testing and marketing of tomato products.

To promote commerce in order to obtain greater penetration in both national and international markets, adopting a project to internationalise the Italian tomato product and its processing. To draw up agreements for access to credit. When participating in competitive tenders to win and perform contracts for complex works and services, it is advisable for a business network contract to be drawn up, therefore requiring the activities in this contract to be performed, all in conformity with disciplinary specifications and regulations.